We are excited to launch a significant update to our user experience, making the application more intuitive and easy to use. Other recent new features include a Windows test runner, streaming assertions, new Selenium bindings, auto-screenshots, and multi-scenario JMeter/Gatling. Read on for more details.

User Experience Refresh

The application redesign has made it simpler and more intuitive to use Testable. The dashboard, test case, and scenario pages have been rebuilt with a focus on making common actions more intuitive as well as visualizing important information in a simpler and more efficient way. This includes new ways of grouping, visualizing, sorting, and filtering your tests and monitors to better support your team's varying use cases. Save the preferred display settings for your organization so that everyone on the team sees a consistent view. Login to Testable to see it for yourself.

Windows Test Runner

Run your Selenium and browser based tests on our new Windows (Server 2016 Full ) test runner in addition to the existing Ubuntu one. This enables more accurate simulations that reproduce real user behaviors for Windows based environments. To enable your test to run on Windows simply set Runtime Requirements = Windows on any Selenium test.

This feature is currently available on AWS with Azure support coming in early 2020. There is not yet a Windows test runners in the public shared grid so Windows smoke tests will only work in private self-hosted regions.

Streaming Assertions

For tests that run via testing frameworks like Mocha or capture assertions like in JMeter you can now see real-time progress during a test run. No more waiting until the end of each test iteration to see this valuable information.

The streaming assertions work on monitors and functional tests as shown above but also on load tests where an aggregated view of assertions is presented to the user.

New Selenium Bindings: Javascript and Protractor

We added support for both the classic Javascript Selenium bindings as well as Protractor, the end-to-end Selenium based test framework for Angular applications. This is in addition to our existing support for Webdriver.io, Selenium Java, and Serenity BDD. Getting started guides for both can be found on our documentation website with example projects (Selenium JS, Protractor).

Auto Screenshots

For Webdriver.io, Protractor, and Selenium Javascript tests, Testable can now capture automatic screenshots of the browser or desktop at user defined points of interest. This includes after each test step, after failed test steps, after each test iteration, and after any failed test iteration.

Find the new settings on any Selenium scenario.

The captured screenshots will be associated with the related test step for display in the test results as well.

Multi-Scenario Gatling and JMeter

Upload multiple JMeter test plans or Gatling simulations to a single Testable scenario. This allows you to easily simulate multiple user behaviors as part of one test.

The JMeter test plans or Gatling simulations will be evenly distributes across the engines during a test run. For example if you upload 2 JMeter test plans to your scenario and run a load test with 4 JMeter engines, each test plan will run on 2 JMeter engines.

Try out the new features and let us know if you have any feedback or concerns. Happy testing!