Our new timeline filters allow you to quickly analyze and pinpoint issues that occurred during a test run.

After a test completes you will notice a new filter bar across the top of the results.

Narrow the time range to analyze exactly what was going on during a portion of your test.

When you update the time range every part of the test results will filter down to that time range only including:

You can also change the time range by zooming in/out on any chart in the test results.

We also made the resource filtering more visible by placing it in the same filter bar. If you select a specific resource all metrics, charts, and traces will update to only show you result analysis for that resource.

Use one or more of the following filters to quickly pinpoint performance issues in your test results: by region, by resource, by time. These filters combined with our metrics, charts, logging, traces, and result analysis tools give you an industry leading analytics platform for performance testing.

Try out the new features and let us know if you have any feedback or concerns. Happy testing!