Following the Beta launch several weeks ago we are excited to announce a bunch of new features, enhancements, and fixes in this release.

Run tests on your hardware

Test cases currently execute on a global set of shared agents distributed across 3 regions from which you can select: AWS N. Virginia, AWS Oregon, and AWS Singapore. From today you can run an agent on your own hardware (even inside your data center behind a firewall) and choose that private region when configuring a test. See the documentation for more details.

JMeter redesign and improvements

First class support for JMeter including it’s own Scenario type and UI. When creating a new test case simply click the Run JMeter Test Plan option. See the documentation for more details.

Separate product site from landing page and documentation

Previously the home page, documentation, and product site were all bundled together into one. This created an unnecessarily slow loading experience for the home page and documentation. The two have been split apart for a much improved user experience. The product site also has a friendlier initialization screen.

New and improved scenario options

Several new scenario options were added to make it as simple as possible to run a load test.

A recording scenario has a nice new explanation to make it clearer how it works.

Documentation reorganized and updated

The documentation has been reorganized into a clearer structure and quite a few new pages were added. Stay tuned for search, a FAQ, and discussion boards coming soon.

Scripts can use any approved NPM module

If there is an NPM module that you would like to use in your script which we do not already support it can now be added and available for use in minutes.

To see the currently available modules, in the top right of the Script page select Available NPM Modules. To add to this list please email us and we will add it pronto!

Performance improvements

Several improvements and optimizations were made to improve test execution performance and allow us to continue to scale higher. The “Active” metrics shown during test execution should be much more accurate now as well.

Please check out all the new features and let us know if you have any thoughts or concerns. Happy testing!