Several new features have launched over the past month including an action to extend running tests, deeper integration with JMeter assertions, and multiple schedules per test configuration. Click here to check it out now.

Extend Running Tests

While tests are running you can now extend or shrink the duration or number of iterations. On the test results page simply choose the Extend menu option in the action menu in the upper right.

Changes will be applied immediately on all test runners. Note that this feature is not compatible with JMeter or Gatling where Testable is not in control of the concurrency.

JMeter Assertions Everywhere

Several improvements have been made to our recently launched integration with JMeter assertions. Assertions are used in JMeter to validate the response of a network request (e.g. API call). Within Testable the assertions are now clearly associated to the related result.

When viewing the Traces or Result Analysis tabs, pass/fail information is clearly visible for any assertions captured.

Trace and result details show any assertions captured as part of that result.

Multiple Schedules Per Test Configuration

Set your test configuration to run on any combination of multiple recurring and one off schedules.

And More…

A few other enhancements include:

In addition to the new features various library updates, bug fixes, and performance improvements were applied as usual.

Try out the new features and let us know if you have any feedback or concerns. Happy testing!