This week we introduce bulk actions, improved logging, and a new test case interface. Read on for more details.

New Test Case Interface

When selecting a test case, the interface is now consistent with the overall dashboard you see when logging in. It provides several new features:

These improvements should address several of the usability issues raised by our customers.

Logging Improvements

Several changes have been made to provide better access to the logging produced during test execution. Logging is accessed via a panel within the test results.

1. Tail a Log

A toggle is now available to switch between chronological and tail mode when viewing logging. In tail mode, the most recent log entries are displayed at the top and update in real time. This can be useful during test execution to see the latest log entries especially when the test produces a large amount of logging.

2. Filters

Log filters give you a way to filter down the logging output by level, region, host, chunk, concurrent user, and system vs user. To get started press the filter icon in the upper right of the logging panel. When you press the download button any active filters will also be applied.

These filters should be useful when trying to track down all sorts of testing issues.

Also note that if you click in the logging text area that Ctrl/Command+F will allow you to search all currently loaded log entries.

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions are now available for test cases, test configurations, running tests, and scenarios. Select multiple rows in a table using standard keyboard shortcuts for multi-select and choose the appropriate action. Bulk actions can be used to start, stop, or delete multiple test cases or configurations.

Please check out the new feature and let us know if you have any thoughts or concerns. Happy testing!