Testable now fully supports the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Test runners can be spun up on-demand in either our Azure account or your own. Read on for more details as well as other new features including new browser performance metrics.

Azure Test Runners

When configuring a test you can now choose one or more of the Azure global regions to run your test. Testable can automatically spin-up test runners in both our Azure account or your own as part of a test.

We automatically recommend a VM type and number of instances, but you are also free to override these settings yourself.

Your Azure Account

Add your Azure account as a test runner source and Testable can spin up the VM scale sets for load generation within one of your Azure virtual networks. See our self-hosted Azure guide for more details on how to set it up.

When you run a test with Azure locations you will can see results broken down by location and also details of all VMs that were spun up.

New Browser Performance Metrics

If you run a test with Webdriver.io we now capture several new metrics that can help you assess your application's performance in the browser. These metrics have also been added to the default Selenium results view.

Counter Metrics: Peak and Per Second

For all counter metrics, both system generated ones (e.g. bandwidth, bytes sent, bytes received, etc) and custom ones (e.g. messages processed, logins attempted, etc) we now calculate several useful new aggregators:

These aggregators can be added to a results view or used to set breaking points and success criteria.